If you ever came across exchanging your unwanted gift cards for something more valuable, you probably have heard about Bitoff.io or Purse.io, where you can easily exchange your gift cards with bitcoin.

Bitoff.io and Purse.io thought: “if there are bitcoin-holders who wish to buy things, there are for sure gift-card owners who want to exchange their gift cards into something like….bitcoin!? So why not match them?”

Bitoff and Purse established this platform not only to pair up bitcoin holders with gift-card owners but also to make this trade safe and easy with the escrow payment method.

There are tons of people who like to earn bitcoin, but they don’t know how? With Bitoff and Purse, many people can earn bitcoin with their gift cards, amazon balances, or visa cards.

First, bitcoin holders (Shoppers) place their wish lists on Bitoff or Purse, then gift card holders (Earners) can choose the deal that matches best with their gift cards.

See? Now your gift cards can help you to invest in cryptocurrency! If it isn’t the trade of the year, then what is it?

Now that we are all aware of what Bitoff and Purse solution is, let’s dig in with more details:

Bitoff.io or Purse.io? Which platform to use, and what are the differences?

There are some preferences when using a platform; both Bitoff.io and Purse.io have some unique structures with advantages that may appeal to some users more. Here is a quick comparison. (picture below)

camparison between bitoff.io and purse.io

Here is some tricky advice!
A suitable platform for Bitcoin holders: Purse is a more convenient platform for Shoppers. Especially for those who wish to do orders from different countries, such as UK, Germany, etc. Purse shoppers consider higher average rates of discounts, so can you! If you like spending Bitcoin cash, Purse supports it too.

A suitable platform for Gift-card Owners: Bitoff is the ideal platform to Earn bitcoin/tether! You can earn both BTC or Tether(USDT), which is a stablecoin and an easy one when it comes to the dollar exchange. Moreover, various stores are available in bitoff, and it doesn’t limit you to the Amazon deals only!

Bitoff order payment method is item-based, which means if you have fulfilled a wish list with three different things with three various delivery times, you don’t need to wait for the whole basket to be delivered. Instead, you will get paid instantly when any item in the basket is delivered.
The VIP earners also receive their bitcoin faster with fast-release orders.

The last piece of advice:
If you are new in trading and wish to start, try small amounts. Learn more about being a Shopper or an Earner.

Happy trading!