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We understand that you are new, and what Bitoff does may seem a bit overwhelming to you.
So I am going to explain it so that you can start using without any unsolved questions in mind.
Bitoff is a platform that fulfills two different groups’ needs.
The first group is the ones who have bitcoin and wish to spend BTC on shopping online such as (we call them Shoppers).

And the second group, which we call Earners, are the ones who have unwanted amazon gift cards. They wish to liquidate their gift cards into bitcoin.
bitoff match these two different groups so that they can fulfill each other’s needs.

Shoppers and Earners Differentiation on

Simple right?

The way Shoppers and Bitcoin Earners can meet their needs on the :

Shoppers can find the product they wish to buy just by searching it on bitoff and leaving the order on the earn section, these orders are waiting for an Earner to pick them up and purchase them on amazon. You can see it in the picture below:

Earn Bitcoin by purchasing Shopper's orders in bitoff

Bitoff uses escrow payment for secure transactions and takes care of your BTC/gift cards to stay safe. what escrow payment is?

Notice: Shoppers gain a discount rate(1-30%) by shopping through bitoff, and the Earner gets the order’s BTC equivalent minus the OFF percentage, So the less the discount percentage is, the better deals they are for earners. Learn more about applied BTC

Shoppers pay the bitoff fees for their demands.

If you like to be a Shopper, become an Earner first and make as much as Bitcoin you want.

for more tips and info, check Bitoff’s blog or Bitoff’s help desk.

For further questions, you can contact us via online chat on
Can’t wait to see you all


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