• Have you ever thought about people who are purchasing goods online securely with their Bitcoins? Have you ever thought about how you could easily earn bitcoins and spend them online to buy items from any store?

These days, buying and selling items with bitcoin has become hassle-free and easy for anyone with a smartphone or a laptop device. You could easily buy any item on online shops such as Amazon with your cryptocurrency. You need to scan the QR code at the end of your checkout to add your crypto as payment. 

To be a Bitoff Shopper, how can you earn bitcoins first?

And purchase items online later with a discount

Earning bitcoins is not a challenging task since anyone with a smart device can do it. Many websites will pay you in crypto to complete their surveys or online assignments. Once you get the Bitcoin, you can easily use it to purchase any item on amazon. But what if you absolutely hate these long surveys, which will pay you with bitcoins in the least amount?

Earn Bitcoin , Spend Bitcoin

Earn Bitcoin, Spend Bitcoin

Here comes the Bitoff solution that allows you to earn Bitcoins with your unused and unwanted gift cards. For example, suppose you got a gift card on your birthday or on Christmas, and you don’t really need anything, and you are worried that your card might expire or lose it. In that case, you could simply become an Earner on the Bitoff platform. 

The platform allows you to complete orders with your gift card and get equivalent in bitcoins. 

In Bitoff, many shoppers are willing to pay you in bitcoin, and instead, you can purchase their items on amazon with your gift cards.

(Shoppers are a person who buys items with their cryptocurrency with a discount rate on the Bitoff platform). read Bitoff Shopper guide step by step

Request, and submit an order, then you are an earner. 

(earners complete shopper’s order with theirs gift cards, and the shopper will pay them with bitcoins or tether). read Bitoff Earner guide step by step

With just a few clicks, you have turned your gift cards into Bitcoins.

You might ask what I would do with these bitcoins that I have earned with my gift cards? 

The answer is anything you would like to do. You can either keep it as an investment or changing it into other cryptos. 

Here is the chance to become a shopper as well, since we always say Earn First then Spend. You can use the bitcoins you got with your gift cards to purchase any item you want on the Bitoff with a discount as a Shopper.

So basically, the intelligent way is to turn unwanted gift cards into bitcoins and then keep it for whenever your eyes catch the one-of-a-kind stuff which you want. Still, it is expensive enough that you need to use crypto with a discount for it.

And you can then become a Bitoff shopper to use their special discount and purchase anything you wish on any site you like with your Bitcoins or Tethers.

Not only is this easy, but it’s the smartest choice. Because if you are lucky enough, your bitcoins sitting in your digital wallet are going to face another boom, and your money gets multiplied. 

What are the benefits of being a member of Bitoff?

  • Earn Bitcoins easily
  • Don’t worry about soon expiring gift cards
  • Keep your bitcoins and become a shopper whenever you want
  • You can be both a Shopper and an Earner
  • Get lucky and have your bitcoins worth more than doubled (fingers crossed)

So, let’s look at it this way, by technological enhancements of today and being a little bit more active. We are all able to earn bitcoins and use them to purchase anything that we want. So, we need to be open to new opportunities and dive in.

Bitoff Fun fact & Wrap up

Due to the fact that there are a lot of bitoff shoppers out there, there is a vast need for bitcoin earners (people who complete orders to get paid in bitcoins). Therefore, these online platforms make it a lot easier for anyone willing to earn Bitcoins. That’s why you are not limited to using gift cards to earn Bitcoins, and you will be able to use any payment method available to you. It means if you can complete an order with your credit/debit card or Mastercard, you are still good to go.

Even if you don’t want to become a shopper and purchase anything online, it’s best to change your gift cards into something that at least has a chance to grow and counts as an investment.