Bitcoin price has been rapidly increasing in the past couple of years and it has seen some real ups and downs in the past couple of months. Bitcoin is the very first cryptocurrency that found its way into different markets and industries and it has finally turned the non-believers of its practical value into believers who can see and feel the expansion of this modern technology.

Bitcoin has changed both mindset and habits of people’s investment.

Although it is a very volatile market and it has its own risks, most people fantasize about how much money they would have if they invested just a little in Bitcoin 5 or even 2 years ago. It is nothing unusual to hear in our daily life as cryptocurrencies have faced the most significant increase in their value, especially Bitcoin.

With the ever-increasing interest in cryptocurrencies and the many ways that you are able to spend it nowadays, one might ask if there are other ways of getting bitcoins without the struggle of mining them.

Mining is not for everyone

Mining bitcoin is just like solving puzzles (puzzles represent mathematical problems that need solving). Basically, you will be using your computing power to solve mathematical puzzles which in return pay you Bitcoins as a reward. Keep in mind that mining is extremely important since the whole system relies on miners. If there wasn’t for mining, there sure wouldn’t be any bitcoin left.

Mining usually requires a specific device capable of mining Bitcoins. Usually, the machines made especially for mining, make a lot of noise, heat and are not cheap considering the electricity bills that will follow. For example, if you use it at your own house, it can generate a lot of noise which can be annoying. Therefore, mining is not suitable for everyone. So, if you are not going to mine it, you would want to know how to earn bitcoin without mining.

Buy Bitcoins using CFDs

Fortunately, the are multiple ways of earning bitcoins such as investing, trading, gambling, and so on. One of the more popular ways on earning bitcoins is to trade bitcoins in CFDs. Just open an account to trade using a secure CFD that allows you to trade without paying commission. After you have done that, you can deposit a minimum of $100 in most CFDs to start trading, which means buy or sell them if you foresee that the BTC price can go higher or lower.

But what if you do not want to use a CFD and you absolutely hate trading apps due to the volatility of the market and you just want to earn some bitcoins? Here are the best ways to earn bitcoin without mining and without buying it!

best ways to earn cryptocurrency such as bitcoin

1.   Earning Cryptocurrency through completing tasks

You can always Earn Bitcoins by completing different tasks. There are sites that pay their users in Bitcoins. But what exactly do you need to do in order to get paid? Well, most of these sites only want you to visit and watch some ads or take part in some surveys. This doesn’t take up much of your time, and the sites are quite consistent in paying you for your services. There are plenty of websites to mine Bitcoin for free such as Rollercoin, but keep in mind they pay you very little for the time you put in.

2.   Get Crypto as your regular income

It might sound too futuristic but there are a lot of companies that will pay you in bitcoins if you ask. You can always get a job where they pay their employees in bitcoin or become a freelancer and choose to get paid in bitcoins only. Although, this might be one of the harder ways to get bitcoins without mining.

3.   Earning Cryptocurrency using (the golden choice)

Have you ever had the dilemma of what to do with the gift cards which you received on your birthday? Or the ones that are given from your workplace?

Bitoff has created a platform where you are able to get paid bitcoins for your gift cards and this method is the easiest way to earn Bitcoins with no mining as you are able to get gift cards from various platforms, events, and websites. There are websites that will pay you a gift card to complete tasks and there are always events in which you can take part and those will usually gift you with a gift card. Since there are many different ways of getting your hands on a gift card for free or at low costs, this method of changing your gift cards into Bitcoins shows to be a better method than the rest.

Earn bitcoin without mining or buying

 We consider service is the Golden Choice in this list for whom wishing to earn Bitcoin without mining or buying.

Using the Bitoff platform is one of the best ways that you can earn cryptocurrency. The platform is created to connect two types of people:

  • Those who are looking to buy products/goods at a discounted rate (called Shoppers).
  • Those who have gift cards and would like to get Bitcoins instead (called Earners).

What does bitoff do? The platform allows Earners to use their gift cards and purchase items listed by shoppers with their gift cards and get Bitcoins in return. You might not believe it, but many people are willing to pay you in bitcoins to buy items at a discounted rate, which is precisely what Bitoff does. In this platform, shoppers will be able to purchase the things they are looking for at a discounted rate, and the Earners will be able to change their gift cards into Bitcoins rather than letting them sit in their wallets and expire.

The platform is more focused on earners due to the fact that there are a huge number of shoppers compared to earners. As an earner, you will be able to complete orders for the shoppers with your gift card (or any other payment method) and get paid in Bitcoin (USDT is an option too in case you don’t want bitcoin).