What is Bitoff? Bitoff is an earner-based platform that helps people to exchange their gift cards with bitcoin. If we put it simply, you can buy an item listed on the platform with your gift card and get bitcoins instead as an Earner! Now you might ask who is an earner in bitoff?

Earner is someone in possession of a gift card which he/she can purchase any goods from selected stores.

Some cards might support only a selected number of stores/products; But do not worry because you will have a large number of orders from many different stores from which you’ll be able to purchase.

In any case, if you are not having a gift card you can complete the purchase with any other payment method that is available to you and the website you are purchasing from.


To earn bitcoin, which gift cards and which stores are selected?

the recommended online stores by Bitoff.io are Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Newegg, Bestbuy, and so on. However, if your gift card is not spendable on these websites you would still be able to purchase the selected goods from other trustable stores. We support many different types of stores from which you can purchase orders.

To put it simply, Bitoff is not prohibiting you from spending any kind of gift cards as long as the website you are purchasing the goods, accepts your gift cards, you’ll be able to complete your order. still, there is an unsupported list of items you can’t buy with gift cards on bitoff.

shop with gift cards to Earn bitcoin


What if “I don’t want Bitcoins”?

We are all aware of the recent cryptocurrency market volatility and if you are worried about the ups and downs of the bitcoin market and are afraid to change your precious gift cards to bitcoin, you can request to receive USDT instead of bitcoins. As we are all aware, USDT is much more reliable than bitcoin and it doesn’t have ups and downs of which bitcoin is currently experiencing. Additionally, it is much easier to exchange USDT for cash or other types of cryptocurrency.

How to Convert gift card to bitcoin in 3 easy steps

The entire process is quite simple and user-friendly and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be trading gift cards for bitcoins in no time. Bitoff is continuously listening to its users and trying to improve its services and platform and that is why you’ll have to follow just a few easy steps to earn your bitcoins.

First of all, you will have to register and sign in as an “Earner” (Earner is someone who has a gift card and wants to change it to bitcoin. But it is not limited to gift cards and you can complete orders with almost any acceptable payment method and get bitcoins).

Secondly, after registering you will be able to head to the earn list and view all of the orders available from shoppers. From there you can select whichever order that suits your gift card or any other payment method of your choice and accept an order.

The third step is the payment. You will then be directed to the selected store website, and you’ll then have to enter the shopper’s address and details so the items will be delivered to the shopper. To do so, you’ll just need to follow the website prompts till you reach the payment methods. Keep in mind that you’ll be able to complete the payment with different payment methods such as gift cards, visa cards, master cards and etc.

After the order is completed, the items will then be shipped to the owner of the initial order by the seller. When any of the items are received your order for the item will be completed and you will get paid in either Bitcoin or USDT based on your choice.

Note: you will have 1-hour to complete the order you selected. If you fail to complete the purchase in this 1-hour period, the order will be canceled and will become available to other Earners.

Still, thinking about: Why Bitoff?

Bitoff is just a lot different than its competitors in a good way! Bitoff designed its platform based on its user’s demands and requests (specially earners). In other words, the platform is earner-friendly. One of the coolest features of the Bitoff platform has is the fact that it is working item-based rather than order-based. This means if you buy 2 items with your gift card you don’t have to wait for all of them to be delivered to get paid. You’ll receive your bitcoins for each item that we receive. For example, if you have purchased item A and B. after 1 week, we receive item A and not item B. you will get paid equal to the price of Item A and we will pay you the rest when we receive item B rather than keeping you waiting till we receive the entire order.