Bitoff is an escrow payment platform connecting people who like to liquidate their unwanted gift cards into bitcoin with those who wish to spend bitcoin on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.

If you are interested in spending or earning Bitcoin, read this article entirely and don’t ignore it.

How bitoff works precisely?

Bitoff is a professional platform that makes it much easier to earn BTC. includes two different types of users, Earners, and Shoppers.
Bitoff allows you to spend bitcoin/tether on online stores such as Amazon and eBay; we call them Shoppers on Bitoff.
Bitoff allows you to purchase Shopper’s orders on the online stores with your gift cards and get its bitcoin/tether equivalence.

We have many members who wish to spend bitcoin on buying things; All you need to do is purchase their online store’s orders. As an Earner, you purchase the orders for them, and they give you its bitcoin equivalence. (learn how to earn on bitoff)
It is way simpler; since Bitoff allows shoppers have a discount rate on their orders, there are always plenty of order lists on bitoff, and Of course, these orders need to be purchased by someone who likes to earn bitcoin or tether easy peasy.

Why using Bitoff?

how Bitoff helps you invest crypto and save money

The best way to redeem unwanted gift cards is to trade them for easy bitcoin. It is an easy way to invest in crypto online without paying any taxes. not to mention the escrow payment that keeps shoppers and earner’s bitcoin transactions safe and secure. Bitoff uses the Escrow payment method, Which means Your transmission is safe and secure. (learn more about escrow payment)

Being an earner on bitoff is an easy way of investing and earning money online as a second income business; since the pandemic started growing and bitcoin started increasing, many users found it profitable and kept doing it regularly. Reviews

Trust Bitoff on reviews:

Read some experiences from new and old Earners:

Sam, May 2020:
I found bitoff while I was searching for shopping with an off percentage from amazon. At first, I thought bitoff is no use for me because I had no bitcoin to shop let alone receiving the discount. But then I figured I could become an earner and make some bitcoin out of it. I had some extra and casual gift cards that I didn’t need, So I gave it a try, purchased some orders, and made 0.004 bitcoin in my first week of using bitoff! No surprise, cause bitoff is an item-based platform, and the Shopper released my bitcoin from the moment the parcel was delivered from amazon.


George, July 2020:
I casually receive gift cards from playing games, filling out surveys, etc. I found them easy but useless since I never thought I could use them! one of my friends suggested buying bitcoin and start investing in digital money, I start searching on google and luckily I found bitoff, where I can exchange my tones of gift cards with easy bitcoin. I found bitoff just in time; I could win the best trading after all.


Mike, June 2021:
I used some similar websites, but I always wanted to change some of my gift cards into dollars as an earner. bitoff is not supporting cash, but Tether is fine too; it is stable-coin and is as valued as a dollar and can be changed into money so quickly. so yeah, bitoff is the best option for me right now.